Written for the Saskatoon Star Phoenix' Wedding Wonderful publication in spring of 2017.

The first part of the article is below, or you may scroll to Page 10 of this online magazine.

- There is no such thing as a "standard" wedding Don't expect a set wedding parcel. From entertainment options to locations to menus and more - the special couple is in charge of crafting their perfect day. From a small, intimate ceremony to a blow-out 300 guest party, Candle Lake Golf Resort can make it happen. Some couples choose from the list of vetted wedding professionals who know the resort and the high standards expected. Others may have a cousin who's a really great DJ, a photographer friend or an aunt who bakes a mean triple-tiered cake; whatever the preference, the wedding staff is there to make those wishes happen.

- Money IS an object Most couples today are footing the bill for their own wedding, so money is a consideration. That's why the tailor-made wedding packages at Candle Lake Golf Resort are so popular. The happy couple gets to pick and choose their perfect event while keeping an eye on the cheque book… er, banking app.

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